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Saffron is a wonderfully colourful, stylish and beautiful spice. It is extracted from a flower and used extensively by gourmet chefs. Orwa Impex delivers this dried spice without any loss of flavour or aroma. You can season and colour the food with this lovely spice.

Many Health Benefits

Saffron is a legend in the world of spices and there are many reasons. Its origins go back to ancient times. The medicinal properties of saffron also make it quite irresistible -

The exotic threads have reddish, yellow-orange colours or stains.

The plant's natural chemical compounds have many health properties.

Anti-oxidants helps the immune system fight against diseases or swelling.

It reduces mental stress and aids in digestion and blood circulation.

The vitamins and other micronutrients improve overall body health.

Pure Saffron Importers & Exporters

The amazing saffron enriches diverse cuisines with its spiciness. Orwa Impex trades only with reliable farmers and harvesters. The expensive and exotic spice has many imitators in the market place. We ensure the supply of real saffron through these quality checks -

The threads and strands are tasted for sweetness(fake).

The pure variety's smell has a floral, honey and hay like quality.

The real spice can colour water without losing its original sheen.

Pure saffron "smells" sweet and makes baking soda water yellow.

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