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Pista, also known as pistachio, is a thick and tasty nut. It is actually a seed-kernel of a fruit that is green in colour. The nut turns yellowish or creamy white, and it has a distinct aroma. It is used in a variety of gourmet quality recipes for taste, flavour, and health benefits. Orwa Impex delivers the most delicious varieties found in Asia and Mediterranean.

What Is A Drupe?

Drupes are fruits that can grow in clusters like the grapes. However, Only their seed or nut is edible and nutritious. The pista fruit is an excellent example of high quality drupe fruits. When the fruit becomes ripe, the inner shell even splits with a pop sound.

Pistachio Benefits - The cashew-family nut is rich source of vitamins and anti-oxidants. It keeps the hair, skin, heart, and brain very healthy. Pista can be eaten raw or in roasted forms. It also enriches salads, cookies, breads, and biscuits with crunchiness.

Importers and Exporters in Chennai India

Orwa Impex proudly trades in high quality pista, the king of nuts. We check the quantity and deliver kilograms of this delectable seed. Neither the wholesaler nor the customer would have a reason to complain. Our superior grade pistachios will ensure the health of a whole family. Eat fresh and stay active!

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