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The spectacular and world famous Taj Mahal is built of marbles. To be specific, This wonderful monument has white marble stone. This smooth and textured material has delighted humans since ancient times. Orwa Impex celebrates this natural gift and supplies it far and wide. We trade in this exotic and high grade stone without any compromises.

Decorative Pleasure

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Marble has a clean, soft, and brightly ostentatious look.

It makes for wonder floors, kitchen tops and table tops.

The textured beauty is available in many colourful choices.

The natural stone has a stylish and designer quality feel.

Rare marble is expensive, but other varieties are affordable.

The cool stone is an excellent choice for home and hotel kitchens.

Our Strengths

Marble Importers and Exporters in India

Orwa Implex delivers flat whites for commercial floor builders.

The tiles and slabs are durable and stunningly attractive to the eye.

We trade only in high grade, excellent quality marble stones.

Our insightful and creative team assures reliable standards.

We honour deadlines and bulk orders without any errors.