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The hard and mineral-rich limestone is an excellent building material. It is also used extensively in the manufacture of cement. At Orwa Impex, We make sure you receive the best quality, organic rock. Our trading skills will belie your expectations and deliver profits. Our pure and reliable products are also a perfect fit for agricultural applications.

Versatile Uses

Limestone is rich in calcium carbonate, and it has variety of uses.

It is used by manufactures to produce cement, iron, and plastics.

The stone is also found in paints, white paper, carpets, and cleansers.

Farmers use the material for increasing soil fertility and yield.

Buildings, roads, and industries also depend on limestone.

Orwa Impex Speciality

Quality Limestone Importers and Exporters

Exporting and importing stones, salts, lime, and sulphurs is a tricky thing. At Orwa Impex, We literally leave no stone unturned to honour a promise. Our customers and business partners are our real strength.

We source and sample the best quality lime without any defects.

We follow all the deadlines and ensure fair terms of payment.

Our invoices, export and purchase orders are always in place.