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Walnuts are a delicious and nutritious food product. They are actually seeds of a fruit that is found around the world. The popular varieties include Persian or English, North American, and the Kashmir walnut. American species of walnut are flavorous, but very hard. At Orwa Impex, We trade only in the superior Asian variety.

Benefits Of Walnuts

For walnut import, We rely on various checks and balances. The best quality products are imported for our local dealers and retailers. Have a look at some of the undisputable health benefits of this tasty product -

Walnuts are made of healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

They fight dangerous diseases like prostate and breast cancer.

They improve heart functioning and increase healthy cholesterol.

Walnut is actually a seed and it does not lead to obesity or weight gain.

A man's libido and fertility are increased by their daily intake.

The brain and immune system become sharper and more active.

A quarter cup of walnuts are very healthy even for diabetics.

Hulled And Packed

Walnut Suppliers in India

As the top walnut exporters, Orwa Impex does not compromise on quality. We only do business with the most reliable nut orchards. They process the fruit by plucking out the seed and removing outer shell or hull. Our export quality nuts also include bulk, in-shell, and retail packages.