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Granite Stone Manufacturers in India

Granite is an extremely strong, heavy, and textured igneous rock. It is a highly dependable stone for construction activities. Orwa Impex is a veritable storehouse of export quality granites. We team up with national and international partners to deliver fantastic stones. Our superior grade raw materials as well as finished slabs and tiles are a delightful sight.

Strength of Granite Stone Importers & Exporters

Granite stone is a classic, elegant, and timeless gift from Nature.

The material is unbelievably hard and also weighs very heavy.

It resists the forces of nature like snow, wind, rainfall, and heat.

The best choice for outdoor and indoor construction works.

Builders construct kitchen tops, floors, and garden pavements.

It is durable and requires very little maintenance and repairs.

The Problems We Face...

Government licenses, and dynamic changes in import-export policies.

Economic trends that can drastically alter supply and demand scenario.

Currency wars and competitive national and international markets.

Differentiating cheap granite from export-grade natural materials.

Best Granite Stone Suppliers in India

Orwa Impex plans and executes an efficient business plan.

We have in-depth knowledge of granite, marble, and natural stones.

Our team has built an extensive and reliable network of partners.

We source premium stone products from legal, disciplined quarries.