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Basmati Rice

Quality Basmati Rice Importers and Exporters in India

Rice is not just a cereal, but a staple diet across the world. A healthy meal is incomplete without this revitalizing, calorie-rich food. Orwa Impex acknowledges the public palate and trades in reliable rice. We add value to your life by supplying this essential nutrient. Our export and import standards are impeccable. So, Enjoy the starchy, cereal with great joy!

Some Interesting Facts

By some estimates, There are thousands of rice seed varieties.

The nutritious grain has been cultivated since ancient times.

All types of rice have to be made edible by mixing water and cooking.

There are different colourful species in white, brown, and red.

The grain also has various shapes, sizes, textures, and taste patterns.

The Jasmine, Basmati, and Wild varieties are very expensive.

These gourmet types are branded and sold around the world.

Why Chose Orwa Impex?

Best Rice Manufacturers & Suppliers

Orwa is an international company with a large, reliable network.

We deal with respectable business partners, suppliers, and retailers.

Our experts follow the best procedures in import and export.

The rice has superior quality and there are wide range of choices.

We rely on tried and tested methods for inspections and quality control.

The grains are sourced from professional farmers and agriculturalists.

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