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Nuts Wholesale in Chennai, India

Almonds, also known as Badam, are high calorie, oval shaped nuts. Orwa Impex trades in this versatile and nutritious delicacy. Our packed products ensure a healthy heart for the whole family. All the stakeholders are kept happy by the superior quality of these nuts.

Benefits Of Almonds

The dry fruit is one of the richest source of healthy proteins. It can be eaten raw or roasted for a flavour-filled snack. The best quality fresh almonds have all these advantages -

The delicious nuts have protein, fibre, and monounsaturated fats.

They are also a rich source of very important vitamins like E and B2.

Almonds also have copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese.

Their anti-oxidants are a trusted friend of the immunity system.

Diabetics can consume them without any fear of side-effects.

They are effective for a healthy body weight and BP level.

Packing And Moving

Fresh Almonds Importers and Exporters in India

All the above mentioned uses make sense if the product is reliable. At Orwa Impex, We strive to deliver almonds in all shapes and sizes. Our experts do business only with reputed growers and reliable orchards. We also ensure hygienic packing so you don't have to worry. Enjoy your garnished nut slices, smoothies and milk shakes.